Using mental triggers to get your email campaigns opened.

You may have written the most awesome and persuasive email copy in history, but if your subscriber deletes your campaign before they open it, none of that matters.

In crowded inboxes, getting your email opened is a HUGE obstacle, especially with all the spam circulating out there.

Here are some proven, time-tested tactics you can start using now to improve your open rates. Get ready!

Using Parenthesis (They Work Well)

With parenthesis, your headline and call to action can all fit in the same subject line.
Your message will stand out from a lot of other subject lines in a person’s inbox.

Lose 15lbs un 15 Days (No Fad Diets)
New Electric Supercar (pictures inside)

Use Their Name For Personalization

The reader’s eyes will automatically be drawn to their name.
Use the name sparingly- just once or twice per email. Otherwise it will be less effective.

Hey [firstname,fallback=], here’s the free report you requested.
Did you see this [firstname,fallback=]?

Choice Of Action

Give the reader a choice in the subject line.
This involves the reader, and prompts them to open the email.

Start Today or Tomorrow?
Diet or Exercise? (what’s working for me)

Use Interest and Action Words

Get your reader’s attention, and get them thinking pro-actively.

Look, Discover, Watch, Hear, Listen, Smell
Weird, Quick, Strange, Secret, Personal
This Strange Cure Gets Rid Of Bad Breath

Use Scarcity to Create A Sense of Urgency

People tend to procrastinate, and put things off. This technique will prompt them to take action now.

FINAL NOTICE: Need your response today
Only FIVE memberships left (are you in?)
My Top 10 Investments (link expires in 2 days)

Include the word “Article”, “Blog”, “Picture”, “Video”, or “Pic”

Photos and videos will always be preferred over words.
Check YouTube for popular videos related to your niche.
When using these key words, be sure to include the photo or video screenshot inside your email.

Video Message from Dr. Bob
Have You Seen This? (personal photo)

Using Buzz Words

Check Google Insights and set up Google Alerts to find buzz words related to your market.
Be the first one to inform your subscribers of breaking news related to your niche and their interests.

FDA Bans New Energy Drinks
WARNING: Margerine Is Not Healthy!
Excercise with iPhone 5 (cool new app)

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