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“I really believe that Edge Sender has been an important part of our sales / retention cycle. It is easy to quit a gym, it is more difficult to quit Larry and Michelle, and this tool further entrenches this feeling.”

Larry Karp, Owner 9 Round Kickboxing Broward

“I want to let you know that I have used your tool for the first email campaign yesterday and I must tell you it was simple, easy, and quick. Well done!”

Kumar S., Founder

“Edge Sender stands out from other email marketing services because its interface is just clean and very user friendly. It’s easy to learn. Also, the stability and the automated tasks that eliminate repetitive tasks are two main advantages that help me out.”

Rahlyn, Owner Done Right Diesels

“Edge Sender has struck a great balance between ease of use and features that you rarely see in a tool this affordable. Fantastic Edge Marketing’s consultation helped us develop campaigns that converted 20% higher.”

Ned Springsteen, CEO Springsoft App

“This is definitely the easiest to use emailing software. I can access it from any computer with internet access, which helps when I’m out of town.”

Bill Smith, Programmer App Developer

“Edge Sender delivers the rare combination of being easy to use and offering massive functionality.”

Meg Kroll Legacy From The Heart

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