Today we’re pleased to announce a simple new way to grow your subscriber list with Edge Sender. As of today, each list in your account has its own Subscribe Page- a simple page that you can customize and link anyone to so they can join your list. The best part? There’s no coding required!


Unlike the Subscribe Button, or the copy/paste forms, which require you to add or edit code in your website, the Subscribe Page is a simple link that you can send to anyone. You can check out a working example here:

Customize Your Subscribe Page

It’s incredibly easy to change all the elements of the Subscribe Page, so you can make it match with your own branding. You can change the background color, choose different fonts, and add your company’s logo.


Just like with the Subscribe Button, you’re able to choose which fields to show, in what order, and choose which form fields are required. You can then customize the confirmation message a subscriber sees on their screen when they join your list.

Looks Great On Mobile Devices

We made the Subscribe Page so it looks good on any mobile device, while keeping the customizations you’ve made.


Easily Track List Signups

As with the Subscribe Button, we keep track of how many people subscribed to your list via the Subscribe Page so you know how well it’s been working for you.


Subscribe Pages are live and available in your account now. You can find them in the Grow your audience section in the sidebar for each of your lists. We’re excited to see how you’ll start using them!

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