Our goal of keeping Edge Sender the easiest to use email marketing system doesn’t end with our small business users- it extends to their subscribers as well. That’s why we’ve refreshed the look of the pages your subscribers see when they change their preferences, or forward your email campaign to a friend. These pages now look just as great as your newsletters do (even on mobile)!

These changes will be visible on the Forward to a Friend and Preference Center pages for both new and existing campaigns. If you’ve already customized these pages with your logo and brand, the new layout will carry over your design without you needing to do anything in your account. Pretty awesome? Yes. Is that all? No.

The friendlier Forward to a Friend page

Previously, this page was less than awesome, so it was clearly time for an update. This is more than a fresh coat of paint. After observing how the page is used, we found most people only forward campaigns to one person. So the form was condensed to one recipient line, making it much quicker to fill out (don’t worry- you can still ad up to five more recipients). It also includes a nice image of your newsletter, so people know what they are sending to their friends:

the new forward to a friend page


The preferable Preference Center

Just as the Forward to a Friend page got a fresh new look, so did the Preference Center. This was done to make the form more intuitive, so users are less likely to make errors. Again, we can add your own logo and colors to this page:

new Preferences page

Looks great on mobile devices, too

Forward to a friend page optimized for mobile deviceAs you’re probably aware, more and more people are accessing (and sharing) your emails on mobile devices. As such, we’ve optimized the layout of the Forward to Friend and Preference Center pages for mobile screens. Note that this is the same Forward to a Friend page shown above in this post, only this time it’s adjusted to look well on a small screen.

You’ll be able to see these changes when viewing one of your sent campaigns by clicking on the ‘Preferences’ of ‘Forward’ links. If you’ve not had your logo and branding already added to these pages, be sure to visit our support center, and they’ll take care of you. We hope this update will increase shares of your campaigns! Let us know what you think of the new look in the comments below.

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