We’re happy to announce the release of an awesome new way to help you keep track of who is joining your subscriber lists. You’ll have complete control over what notifications you want to receive and when.

Instant Updates

You might be interested to know everything you can about individual subscribers as they join your list. If so, you’re really going to enjoy instant notifications. These can be set on an individual list basis, and each time someone signs up, you’ll be sent a notification like this:


Each notification email includes all the data they submitted when they subscribed. We’ll also show you where they subscribed from and what they look like (if available). So now you’re dealing with an actual person instead of just another email address. And you can set these notifications per list, so you only receive instant updates for the lists you’ve chosen.

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Summaries

In addition to the instant notifications, you also have the choice to receive a daily, weekly, or monthly summary, which will provide you with an overview of all new subscribers across all of your lists. You’ll be shown where they’re from and which lists they’ve been added to.


How to Enable Notifications

NOTE: Subscriber notifications will not be turned on by default for existing users. You must manually enable them, as show below.

Now when you are logged in to your account, you’ll see a new option on the right side of the “Lists & Subscribers” section:


From there you will be able to select any of your lists that you would like to receive instant updates for. You can also select if you wish to receive the daily, weekly, or monthly summary across all your lists.


One last note: These notifications are about organic subscribers joining your lists, meaning you won’t be notified when you manually import subscribers yourself- only people that join via an opt-in/ subscription form, or from an integration with the API.

Again, as we mentioned before, notifications aren’t enabled by default, but you can easily set them up in just a few clicks! Let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments below.

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